Art Forum, Critic’s Picks (2016)
In his latest exhibition, Patrick Maguire stages nine new, formally complex oil paintings on the walls of a carefully altered version of this gallery. …read more

Title Magazine, Monument Valley (2016)
Where at the center of the room I feel location and climate, at its perimeter I feel color as light, days, and nights. It is in the paintings that we really get to a sense of time. The surfaces achieve a state of finish that creates a suspension – a density of pigment, of color, of stroke has made the surface a singular moment, where one cannot distinguish linearity but rather must see everything at once. In that density, when we see the presence of the hand in each touch, we see a repeated statement: now, now, now. …read more

Title Magazine, Consider again, That dot, that’s home, That’s here, That’s us (2014)
From the title of the show to its careful curation (including artist-built sectional walls within the gallery space), the result was an immersive landscape, a casual yet careful conversation between two artists, deftly exploring and questioning the possibilities of an imagined and material beyond.. …read more

New American Paintings, MFA annual, Issue 105