To say Patrick’s life was “well lived” is an extreme understatement. Passion, vigor and creativity fueled his life on Earth – he created his own path. One filled with travel, art and adventure alongside family and friends. Patrick’s interests led him through many roads – from Detroit, Grand Rapids, Philadelphia and most recently to his farm in Howell, MI. Patrick spent his last year researching and planting a world-class organic vegetable garden as well as raising chickens. Nothing brought him more joy than enjoying the profits of his labor and work with his loved ones.

Patrick is survived by his best friends/family; Laika, Joel/Ann, Andrew/Christin, Mark/Bridget/Jonah/Colette, Ben/Lauren/Ramona…. and countless friends that have been positively impacted by knowing and loving Patrick.

A selfless man to the end – his presence was felt by all those who crossed his path. His family and friends celebrate his legacy.

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Join us in honoring the life and work of Patrick Maguire on June 20, 2022 in northern Michigan. To see the event details and RSVP please visit the below site:

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